Creep Lyrics

Creep Lyrics

creep lyrics


Creep lyrics are a subject that has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. From radio stations banning the song to debates about its meaning and message, the lyrics of this 90s classic have stirred up quite a bit of controversy. Creep, famously performed by Radiohead, is a song about unrequited love and the feeling of not belonging. Countless artists have covered it, and it has become a cultural phenomenon. However, the lyrics have been criticized for their perceived misogynistic and stalker-like undertones. Some argue that the song promotes toxic masculinity and encourages men to pursue women aggressively. Others say the music is simply an expression of vulnerability and raw emotion. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the lyrics of Creep.

Creep Lyrics

When you were here beforeCouldn't look you in the eye


You're just like an angelYour skin makes me cryYou float like a featherIn a beautiful world


I wish I was specialYou're so fuckin' special


But I'm a creepI'm a weirdoWhat the hell am I doin' here?I don't belong here 


I don't care if it hurtsI wanna have controlI want a perfect bodyI want a perfect soulI want you to noticeWhen I'm not around


So fuckin' specialI wish I was special


But I'm a creepI'm a weirdoWhat the hell am I doin' here?I don't belong here


She's running out the door (run)She's running outShe run, run, run, run




Whatever makes you happyWhatever you want


You're so fuckin' special


I wish I was special


But I'm a creepI'm a weirdoWhat the hell am I doin' here?I don't belong hereI don't belong here



The lyrics of "Creep," a song by Radiohead, delve into themes of self-doubt, isolation, and unrequited love. The song's protagonist grapples with feelings of inadequacy and social alienation, expressing a deep sense of unease and longing for acceptance. The lyrics convey a raw vulnerability, reflecting the inner turmoil and longing for connection experienced by many individuals. The repeated refrain, "I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo," emphasizes the speaker's self-perception as an outcast while simultaneously expressing a yearning to be seen and understood. The profound emotional depth and introspection conveyed through the Creep lyrics resonate with listeners, making it a timeless anthem for those who have felt like outsiders in a world that sometimes seems difficult to navigate.


Creep by Radiohead

Indulge your senses and embark on an emotional journey with Radiohead's timeless masterpiece, "Creep." This iconic song resonates with listeners of all generations, captivating with its raw vulnerability, haunting melodies, and introspective lyrics. From the iconic opening guitar riff to Thom Yorke's poignant vocals, "Creep" evokes a potent mix of angst, longing, and self-doubt, making it a must-have addition to your music collection. Immerse yourself in the haunting beauty of "Creep" and discover why this song has stood the test of time, speaking to the depths of the human experience like few others can.

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