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Bringing Aesthetic Stickers to Life: A Quick Guide to Product Photography

Bringing Aesthetic Stickers to Life: A Quick Guide to Product Photography

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In today's highly visual world, product photography has become an essential element in any business's marketing mix. With the advent of social media, companies face increased competition to create eye-catching visuals that stand out from the crowd. This is particularly true for businesses that wish to showcase their aesthetic stickers, as the market has become saturated with similar products. Creating a compelling visual image of your product that accurately portrays its unique qualities has become paramount in capturing the attention of your target audience. Product photography plays a critical role by giving your potential customers a clear understanding of your product and its features.

Capturing the true essence of a sticker requires more than a simple point-and-shoot approach. Aesthetic stickers are often designed to be highly detailed, with intricate patterns and bright colors. Proper lighting, angles, and backgrounds must all be considered to truly showcase these details. By taking the time to understand the unique elements of each sticker, product photographers can create a visual narrative that tells the story of the product and its intended purpose.

In this guide, we will explore the techniques and approaches I used to make the Poetry Rise brand of aesthetic stickers pop.

Here's a picture of the light setup. Notice two lights are shining from about a 45-degree angle from the stickers:

a product photography lighting set up for aesthetic stickers


I shined two lights from the same angle, bottom/right, but at different distances and intensities, darkening the shadows on the top/left of the stickers to achieve a sense of depth. I played with the intensities and angles of the light relative to the subject until the shadows looked cool.

Here's an image taken overhead with a 50mm lens:


overhead photo of cute aesthetic stickers


To give another example of shadowing, here's an image taken with the same 50mm lens but of only the Poetry Rise bird; the shadows darkened:


product photography illustration of the poetry rise bird


Consider mixing up your camera lenses. The next photo was taken using a variable 10-20mm lens, up close and personal:


a close up picture of the poetry rise bird


Feel free to experiment with your camera lenses and push them to their limits. Shoot from in close, shoot from far away, and shoot from in between. Play with the focus, play with the lights, keep your ISO as low as possible, and play with the aperture size and shutter speed. If you control the lighting, you can add more or less light without adjusting your camera's sensitivity to light (ISO). For indoor photoshoots in my photography studio, I keep ISO at 100 but may occasionally bring it as high as 250.


Add props, like books, coffee beans, notebooks, pencils, etc:


be kind for no reason


In conclusion, product photography is a vital aspect of any business that sells visual products like aesthetic stickers. You can showcase any product's uniqueness and beauty with the proper techniques and equipment. Using light angles to create shadows and experimenting with different camera lenses can make a massive difference in the final output of the images. By implementing these tips and tricks, you can take your product photography to the next level and enhance your brand's overall visual appeal.


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