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Shelby Leigh - Popular Poems from Girl Made of Glass

Shelby Leigh - Popular Poems from Girl Made of Glass

Brief Introduction to Shelby Leigh

A bestselling poet, Shelby Leigh captivates readers with her verses that effortlessly traverse the realms of emotions and experiences. Her poetry exhibits a remarkable ability to eloquently convey complex feelings and thought-provoking themes, leaving an imprint on the minds of those who encounter her work. Through her exploration of human vulnerability and resilience, Shelby deeply connects with readers, making her poetry a transformative and immersive experience that garners widespread acclaim and admiration within the poetry community.

Girl Made of Glass

Girl Made of Glass delves into the complexities of our past, highlighting how it can linger in our minds and cause overthinking, thereby hindering our ability to live in the present moment. Leigh's literary skills bring comfort and wisdom to readers as she explores the harsh realities of life and human relationships while conveying empowering messages of self-acceptance and self-love.

Shelby Leigh Poetry and Analysis

popular poems by shelby leigh

In one of her most popular poems, Shelby Leigh conveys a message of finding strength despite adversity. By repeating the phrase "I'll be okay and so will you" and "I'm still alive and so are you," Shelby emphasizes the shared human experience of overcoming challenges and surviving difficult moments. The acknowledgment that "sometimes we fall, and that's okay" speaks to the inevitability of setbacks and hardships in life. Still, Shelby follows with the empowering line, "bravely we fight for one more day," which instills a sense of determination and courage to keep pushing forward despite the struggles. This quote reminds us that everyone encounters obstacles, but through resilience and bravery, we can navigate through the darkness and eventually find solace in the promise of better days.

self love poetry by shelby leigh

In this contemplative poem, Shelby Leigh reflects on her journey of self-discovery and personal growth, longing to impart wisdom to her past self. The phrase "I wish I could tell my past self" reveals a desire for retrospection and the realization that valuable lessons have been learned. By stating that "the person I'm meant to be is not a cookie-cutter version of everyone else," Shelby embraces individuality and uniqueness, acknowledging the futility of attempting to conform to societal expectations. This revelation highlights Shelby's evolving self-awareness and the understanding that self-acceptance is essential for personal fulfillment. The line "maybe I would have stopped trying so hard to shape my body into a mold that never fit" demonstrates a shift in mindset, symbolizing a newfound embrace of authenticity and liberation from the pressures of conformity. 


Embark on a transformative journey with "Girl Made of Glass" by Shelby Leigh. This captivating book weaves comfort, wisdom, and empowering messages of self-acceptance and self-love.