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Threads for Brands and Writers

Threads for Brands and Writers

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In today's digital age, businesses, brands, writers, and social media managers have many options for delivering their messages. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Threads have become essential tools for businesses and brands to connect with their communities and build their online presence.

Crafting a successful social media strategy requires more than posting content regularly. It also involves understanding the nuances of each platform and creating content that resonates with your target audience.

What is Threads?

Threads is an app released by Meta (Instagram), and from a user perspective, it functions a lot like Twitter.

The nuance of Threads is that it is intended to facilitate conversation and dialogue.

To create a Thread is to create a public conversation, and to reply to a thread is to participate in one. Conversations in a public space aren't always deep and elaborate, but sometimes brief and in-passing. 

Threads for Brands and Writers

threads post by mosseri about what to post on threads

Mosseri of Instagram mentioned that Threads is less about whether you’re using text, photo, or video and more about what conversations you’re having. The goal is to spark meaningful conversations and create a safe space for introducing and discussing ideas.

Using popular content you’ve posted in the past is a good idea, but on Threads, use the content to facilitate deeper dialogue. Ask your audience a question related to the themes and ideas in your post, or make a statement that will get the conversation started. This is both an art and science. 

Zuck said he and his team “…hope to take what Instagram does best and create a new experience around text, ideas, and discussing what’s on your mind.” (The bold and italics are mine.) What I get from Zuck and Mosseri is, if you can post it on Instagram, post it on Instagram, but Threads content is meant to be different.

threads post by zuck

Brands, Businesses, Writers, and Social Media Managers

Different brands are doing different things. Many brands are using Threads like Twitter, posting abundant and seemingly random thoughts. Other brands use it like Instagram, posting reels and images with quotes. Neither strategy is a bad idea because many followers on Threads were not previously following from Instagram or Twitter, so for them, the content is new

Everyone is learning, and after a few days of observing, there is no one size fits all solution or strategy. We recommend using Threads for its intended purpose of facilitating dialogue. Questions are key, and comments are one coin of currency. Participate with people in conversations. Be authentic, respectful, and present.

a threads post by poetry rise about poetry

Above is an example Threads post by Poetry Rise. It honors the intention of the space while staying true to our niche. We encourage you to find that same balance for your brand. 


Threads is very new, and we're figuring it out like you, but feel free to Email us at if you have any questions or comments. Be sure to make the subject line "THREADS." Finally, if you found this post valuable, follow @poetryrise on Threads and engage with our community in a way that makes sense for you—much love.