Welcome everyone! We have decided to open up submissions to all writers. If selected by our curators, your work will be featured to over 700,000 readers across our social media network. 



1. Send email to with the subject line "Submission".

2. In the email, include your name, where you're from, and your social media tags (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).

3. Include up to 3 poems in the email. They can be written out in the email as text, attached as word docs, or as a file with the words already over a background like they do on Instagram. 


Important Notes:

Please do not submit more than 3 poems per submission. 

Please do not submit more than once every 14 days.

If you submit more than once every 14 days, we will mark you as spam.

Submitting is free, but we do accept donations for our time